Sunday, February 28, 2010

Signs Along Lick Run Are a Nice Touch

Brown-Robertson Park sign (above) gives you its history, while the sign below talks about the trail's woodland habitat.^

It's been a while since I walked the Lick Run portion of the greenway in Roanoke and today, while pretty much having it to myself, I discovered that the Kiwanis Club has been busy with what the bureaucrats love to call "signage."

This signage, all along the roadage, presents lessons in history and ecology and they give the walk a little extra spring in the step. You'll learn the importance of the nature you encounter along the greenway and find about how the Flood of 1985 (Hurricane Juan's little beauty) took the lives of two marvelous old women, who now have a park named for them.

These women, Dorothy Brown and Hazel Robertson, were a taxi driver and a child care provider who often gave away their services to their neighbors who needed them and could not afford them. They were women whose sense of community led to this recognition.

This is a nice walk, made nicer. Thanks Kiwanians.

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