Friday, March 20, 2009

'The Worst Thing You Can Do to a Tree'

Crews grind up the trimmed tops of the Bradford pear trees at Virginia Heights Baptist Church^

My good friend Debbie Sinex, a former horticulturalist, once told me that "the absolute worst thing you can do to a tree is to top it." Not only does it uglify one of nature's most perfect creations, but it weakens the tree and makes it susceptible to disease.

When I drove past Virginia Heights Baptist Church a little while ago, I was simply appalled to see that not only were its lovely Bradford Pear trees being savaged by a tree crew, but it was happening during the height of the blooming season. This church's own holy book instructs adherants to be good stewards of the earth and this is anything but good stewardship. Shame on Virginia Heights Baptist Church!

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