Friday, March 27, 2009

How Many Layoffs Have There Been?

I just stumbled onto an interesting chart of the jobs lost in our region since October at, The Roanoke Times' Web site. The detail in the chart is comprehensive and it can be found here.

The numbers are impressive: 39 companies laying off workers (including The Roanoke Times), 2,570 workers without jobs, 54 locations. The companies range from The Taubman Art Museum (6) to Volvo Trucks North America (650), but the one fact you can't get from the bare figures is the pain these families are enduring at this moment.

As of this afternoon, you can add more than 70 more layoffs at automotive plants in Dublin and Botetourt County and at least one at ITT, my good friend Marianne, a highly-respected professional in HR. It's all painful stuff and it has touched most of us.

The Times list, by the way, is an example of the kind of excellent information a daily newspaper can provide and one reason it is valuable.

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