Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hanna Court: No Problem-o

OK, so now we have the word from the Roanoke City Planning Department that the hand-wringing over the zoning of Hannah Court (should we say "rezoning," since it's already zoned industrial?) is not really an issue.

Chris Chittum, whom I've known for lo these many years, says, "I don't think anyone had any intention of the former Hannah Court becoming industrial. It is zoned industrial today and we are seeking to change that. The new district would permit the park to happen, but we were thinking park plus other complementary uses. However, if that's causing widespread heartburn in the community, we are willing to look at other options and adjust the proposed zoning map."

Chris did not say the park would never be used for industry, which I think is what people like Jim Crawford want, but he seems willing to listen and accommodate whatever the community wants most. That sounds fair.

To be sure, if you're on the side of the park, you might want to go to Friday's noon meeting at City Hall. That is why the meetings are held.

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