Tuesday, February 17, 2009

'The Biology Lesson' at Studio Roanoke

Studio Roanoke is moving into full production of a play called "The Biology Lesson." Rehearsals begin April 4 and it opens April 28, running through May 3. The cast includes 13 women of a variety of ages and ethnicities.

The theater's grand opening is scheduled for May with a Ben Williams play called "Ant Farm," which was originially scheduled to be part of the Norfolk Southern Festival at Mill Mountain Theatre.

There is some question about whether the Campbell Avenue studio (formerly New York Fashions, the zoot suit store) will be fully ready, but, hey, it's theater. It's supposed to be tough.

You will remember Studio Roanoke from two previous posts: Dec. 11 and Feb. 8. This is promising.
Poster by Lee Moyer^

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  1. Congratulations. Roanoke needs to keep Theater alive. I wish you success and smiles.