Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh, My! He Did THAT!?!

Republican Party Chairman
Sam Walls in drag. Want more? Read on>

Now I'm not one to stir up trouble, but this Web site from Armchair Subversive is just too much to even try to resist, especially with the tectonic shift in Washington. It is simply delicious in its simplicity, in its records-keeping obsessiveness, in its sheer volume of dirt dug up (some of the holes aren't very deep) on Republicans.

If you're a Republican, go read somewhere else. If you're leaning a little left and you're a whole lot sick and tired of moralistic bullshit from people who'd far rather preach than abide by their own professed philosophies, then read this delightful litany of pedophilia, among other real and perceived crimes. It's a morally superior way to begin the new year, one full of hope and, we will pre-suppose, maybe just a little getting even.

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