Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bread for the Gods (And I Can Eat It)

Arnold's Sandwich Thins>

There's this Entenmann's bakery outlet about a mile or so from my house that I have to studiously avoid because I'm a weight-conscious diabetic and the outlet is the equivalent of a neighborhood bar to my alcoholic tendencies. For years, I'd stop in for a quick rush of coffeecake (the best in God's creation) and the minute it was in my mouth, the guilt would start.

A couple of days ago, I was trapped in a waiting room while I had my car's oil changed, less than a block from the Entenmann's outlet, and I determined I needed some fresh air. My steps led straight to the front door, like a magnet was pulling me. It felt like a relapse until I got inside, turned right--where the coffeecake used to be kept--and found a whole raft of HEALTHY FOOD! This was off the charts healthy: whole grains, low sugar, no fat, high fiber, the kind of bread my family physician would have said, "Oh, sure, eat that" and meant it.

The most curious of these attractive selections was Arnold's Multi-Grain Sandwich Thins, small, round, flat-bread-like portions that looked like they'd been left in the dryer too long. They are 100 calories and serve the function of a bun. And they are good. Embarrassingly good. I promptly ate two tuna salad (homemade olive oil mayo) sandwiches on this base. Mmmmmmmmmmm, tuuuuuuuna sammmmiches ....

Turns out Thomas' (whole wheat muffins and Health Nut whole wheat bread--both mighty good) and Arnold's are in the same group of bakeries as Entenmann's under the umbrella of George Weston Bakeries, which features seven brands (you might know Boboli pizza crusts).

As one of those people who has to search out food I can eat (and don't get me started on those numbskulls who run restaurants and don't pay any attention to the dietary needs of the largest generation in the world's history, the Baby Boomers), this was ... well, if not the Holy Grail, then certainly dinner.

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  1. Dang! I drive past that place -- I think -- every time I go to Krispy Kreme for my wife's (really!) habit and to Givens Books for mine, and it never looks like it's open. Next time I'll stop!oness