Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Right Pick at the Chamber

About two weeks ago, I asked Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce board member Bart Wilner how the selection process for its new CEO was going and he paused before answering, knowing my intent was to determine if Joyce Waugh was going to be picked. She was serving as the interim director and had been a public face of the chamber since 2000. I had written six months ago that the chamber should just go ahead and anoint her because it couldn't possibly find anybody any better. At any price.

Bart finally said, "We have a lot of really good prospects." That's generally code for "forget it, Jack. Your pick's out." But it didn't happen that way and I'm tickled to death the good gal won this time. Joyce is perfect for the job, a glad-handing intellectual diplomat who is firm, assertive, generous thoughtful and smart.

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