Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elizabeth the Fat

I heard from my old pal John Hudson today and his note brought back a lot of memories, some of them pretty dang good. We worked together in the features department of The Roanoke Times some years ago and on slow days, we'd match wit(icism)s. One back and forth that still sticks with me was the Elizabeth Taylor fat movies we played off each other on a late afternoon. She was Virginia Sen. John Warner's wife at the time and weighed about twice what she should have. Poor Liz was prone to heft and we were prone to make fun of it. Examples of some of her movies:

Fat on a Hot Tin Roof
National Velveta
Who's Afraid of Virginia Ham
Butterball 8
Night of the Baked Iguana
The Sandporker
Sweet Roll of Youth
A Plate in the Sun
Lassie, Come to Supper
Reflections in a Golden Pie
The Taming of the Stew
Suddenly, Last Supper

Poor Liz. She always had more class than we did.

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