Monday, September 13, 2010

Perriello Is Apparently Closer Than Thought

Apparently Tom Perriello (right), the 5th District Congressman who some felt had been given up for toast by the national Democratic Party, is apparently not only alive, but running well against his faceless Republican opponent, a guy appropriately named Hurt, who won't debate Perriello.

My pal Tom Cain sent two reports my way today saying, in effect, that Perriello is running nearly a dead heat and that he has $1.2 million to pump up the volume if need-be. Apparently, Perriello's intense work, his town meetings, his ability to listen and take principled stands has earned loyalty among Democrats and admiration among Republicans.

His campaign pits his stances for his constituents--mostly blue collar working people--against corporate interests represented by the Repubs. SurveyUSA had Perriello trailing by 61-35 percent a week or so ago, but the reports Tom Cain sent me say the difference is closer to two percentage points.

A report on the Huffington Post says Perriello is one of a handful of Democrats that national progressives are banding behind five candidates they especially like and Perriello--appropriately--is one of them. They're sending money and rooting out volunteers, which can be invaluable in a district as wide-ranging as the 5th.

Perriello is the kind of honest, courageos and principled man we all would like to have representing us, even if we don't necessarily agree with all of his stances. The Repubs would like to give you George Bush lite. Here's hoping the good people of the 5th know the difference.

(Image: Politics Daily.)

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  1. Dan, I'm not sure if Cain sent you the DCC poll. If so, you might want to take a look at this post by Bob Holsworth:
    where he pretty much dismantles the poll with a couple of sentences.

    I'm not saying Perriello's bound to lose, but I am questioning the authenticity of that particular poll.