Monday, September 13, 2010

Beethoven After Midnight: A Roanoke Show

My pal Cara Modisett has been busier than a one-legged Texan in an ass kicking contest since "retiring" from Blue Ridge Country magazine as its editor. Cara (who's no more retired than your favorite editor) has been using her time before starting school again to the best advantage of everybody around here.

One of her projects is Music After Midnight, following No Shame Theatre (which starts at 11:00 p.m.) Sept. 17 at Mill Mountain Theatre (yes THAT Mill Mountain Theatre, the one that died). There will be additional performances Oct. 8, Nov. 12 and then in December, January and February.

This is the second installment the concert series in downtown Roanoke. This month's performers: The piano trio of Gordon Marsh (head of the Roanoke College music department), violinist Geronimo Oyenard and cellist David Feldman who will perform Beethoven's Archduke Trio.

Says ara, "This is not your typical classical music performance. Music After Midnight has been launched to get rid of the old notions of traditional concerts. Musicians wear jeans, not formal black, and the audience shares the stage with them. There's free food and soft drinks, and conversation is encouraged between musical pieces. It's sort of concert-hall-meets-living room, or a recital/salon/classical jam session."

Music After Midnight is the brainstorm of Kandinsky Trio violinist Benedict Goodfriend and pianist/writer/pal o' mine Cara, who performed the first Music After Midnight in August, with food provided by the Texas Tavern. October's concert will be a program of Spanish music by mezzo soprano Ada Lis Jimena and guitarist Bill Krause.

Admission is left open to your own sense of value: pay what you can and proceeds benefit Center in the Square and its member organizations.

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