Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This Blog Has Moved to

As of today, this blog will move down the street to WordPress because this one has been hacked and robbed of all posts in 2016 and 2015 (more than 1,200) with no solution available to retrieve them.

My strong suspicion is that a former friend who had access to the blog erased the two years of posts in an act of spite and anger. I forgive her, but will admit the loss is painful--especially the posts that dealt with my young friend Sarabeth Hammond, who died in late December, and posts dealing with my grandkids. I have managed to retrieve many of them, thanks to another good friend, Arnette Crocker, bless her heart.

I now have a website,, that is host for the same blog as this, though it has a different look. Content will not change; I'll still write pretty much what I want and shoot a lot of photos. Those of you who like this blog will like the new one. And those who don't ... well, go somewhere else.


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