Monday, February 18, 2013

'Burning the Furniture' Is Now an E-book (and I Didn't Know It)

My Facebook pal Dusty Wallace just sent a note telling me he had bought my memoir Burning the Furniture in e-book format and was 27 percent through "absorbing material." (An earlier post quoted Dusty as saying "compelling," which he did not say. I'll take "absorbing," though. Sorry, Dusty.)

I'm really glad Dusty's enjoying the book, but I had no idea it was an e-book. Somebody did the conversion without telling me--or asking me. Can they do that? Hell, I guess they can.

It's on if you're interested (here). It costs $3.99, which strikes me as a lot for a Kindle edition. The print version is $14.99, plus shipping. I don't know whether to be delighted or pissed. I mean it's my damn book, but then if this gives it more readers ...

Quite a quandary. Technology is the blessing and the bane of the age and some day we'll find out what the rules are.


  1. I wouldn't think that you could legally publish someone else's book regardless of the format. That's rather disturbing.

  2. Eliz: That was my thought, exactly.