Monday, June 6, 2011

Need Some Work Done? Here Are a Couple of Able Teens

It's June now and a wet May has given even those of us who like yardwork our fill for the spring and summer. What to do? Rent a kid. That's the tried and true method, but if you don't have a kid or some healthy youngsters on the block, they can be hard to find.

I have a solution for you: Jonathan Bocco (540-589-3183, cell) and J.P. Harth (540-966-1384, home). These teen-aged boys come with my personal recommendation for work ethic, thoroughness, enterprise and general good humor. They've worked for me twice: moving furniture once and cleaning out a rough area in the back yard today ... one I just couldn't find myself doing. But, hell, that's why god made teenagers.

J.P and Jonathan live in Botetourt County, but each has access to a truck and they're willing to do what you need. Hire them. I think you'll be happy you did.

By the way, I found them on Facebook by asking for a couple of working teens. I know Johathan's mama and she replied.

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