Monday, January 9, 2017

'Witness House' and Donald Trump Voters

Nazis, Jews together in one house.
I watched a chilling German movie on Netflix last night titled "The Witness House," based upon the Nuremberg Trials following WWII.  In this scenario, a group of witnesses for the trials (we tend to forget that this was a real trial, real justice, whose conclusion was not foregone) were housed at a mansion in the city that the Americans had appropriated.

In the house were Nazis (a soldier, officials, citizens) and concentration camp survivors, calmed by a Hungarian heiress. They were pretty much forced to mingle by the closeness of their lodgings. This held a considerable amount of interest for me, especially watching the Nazis defend and justify Hitler ("He didn't know about the Jews," "He loved children and animals," "How could an artist who painted this be cruel?") as the concentration camp survivors sat quietly.

I thought immediately to those who are frantically trying to defend Donald Trump and their vote for him. Every day, Trump shows more Nazi/Fascist leanings and every day my side becomes more horrified and Trump's voters dig in deeper, searching furiously for a defense of the indefensible. This is a Germany 1933 parallel, I'm afraid.

This award-winning little movie presented our situation in terms that are easy to understand, easy to absorb, even in their horror. The Trump voters will not recognize the error of their vote because it will say something about them that they don't want to recognize or admit.

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