Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What's In This for Fian?

I mentioned the other day that I was getting a little tired of seeing Facebook "friend" requests from pretty young women in sexually-suggestive poses. I was asked what I meant.

The photo at the right accompanied a request from one Fian Gilbert this morning. Fian has been a FB member since Jan. 8, two days ago. She has 114 followers and 137 friends as of this morning. There is no other information about her.

Her Timeline consists of photos of young men (one shirtless) and one young woman, a pretty, dark-haired friend, I would imagine. Friends are mostly men. There is no information about her at all.

If I were to accept the friend request--which, of course I didn't--I would have had to base the friendship on this photo of her, and nothing else. Apparently 137 people thought that was enough. Comments included:

Bruce Stoecklein I would Like to Hold
Them as well

Bruce Hickman
Bruce Hickman Nice twins baby
Bruce Hickman
Bruce Hickman I would love to get my mouth on those babies

So, we are left to wonder: What's in this for Fian?

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