Saturday, January 7, 2017

My First Real Snow Screw-up of 2017

I shot this after I got home and put a disk in the damn camera.
Lord have mercy! I am in agreement with the right-wing Facebook friend who said yesterday, "Dan Smith, you are just stupid!"

This was shot with my phone. I hate phone pictures.
I spent the morning gearing up mentally and physically for a snow hike along Lick Run Greenway, which meant I had to clear the driveway and the car, shovel off the porch, create a lane for the mailgal and get various other chores done before the fun could begin.

I pulled out my great handmade Italian hiking boots (waterproof and warm as a cabin fire), slip on an extra pair of wool socks and my TENNESSEE hoodie and I'm off. I pick up the camera and a bottle of water as I exit and I'm smiling as I tell my neighbor, Butch (who is shoveling his walkway), "You slept in, huh? Hustle, bud, or you won't be able to exercise." He laughed; I left.

About a mile and a half later, I'm at the Lick Run trail head, pull out my camera to get a panorama and my camera beeps and tells me I don't have a disk in it. SHIT!!! So, I think, what the hell do I do and the decision was easy as I brushed the ice off my mustache: No photos, no hike.

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