Saturday, January 7, 2017

Into the Snow Goes the Old Man

The ancient quarterback goes back to pass!
The mail dude will love me... if she's working.
Play time, work time. At the same time. I'm the dude who likes shoveling snow, likes snowballs, likes slogging up snowy paths and taking stark black and white photos as the snow falls and piles.

Here's today's first effort--to be followed by a walk/hike as far as I can get on the greenway trail nearest my house. That means navigating the neighborhood (Dorchester Court), winding my way alongside Valley View Mall and picking up the newly-renovated Lick Run Trail as it crosses I-81. Should be quite a slog.

Here's hoping I don't drop over. Margie would be really pissed.

Today would be a good day to have a kid by my side. Anybody want to loan me one?

All shoveled out for the eventualities. Awaiting a city crew to cover it back up.

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