Monday, January 9, 2017

Hank Heron: A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

This is my new buddy Hank Heron. (Oh, pun gods, please forgive me.)
Took a hike along Tinker Creek today and ran into some unexpected beauty, including this beautiful, colorful blue heron. He was not one tiny bit afraid of me and basically ignored me scurrying around trying to get a photo of him.

Hank and his muskrat buddy (lower right).
Even when his buddy the muskrat lumbered out of the creek, onto the bank and back in, he took no notice. Too cool by half, I'd guess. He was a truly beautiful bird and in the winter light, he nearly glowed.

Here's some of what my walk looked like (and as you can tell, it was simply gorgeous).

Hank strutting. You'd think he'd just homered.
The creek ambles through the frozen show.
Tinker Mountain hovers over the creek and all its inhabitants.
That's the bundled-up editdr at Tinker Creek, a pilgrim, if you will.
Hank looking for lunch.

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