Saturday, January 7, 2017

Griffith Wants To Break Up Government, Job By Job

Morgan Griffith: Sneer.
As if we hadn't already been nationally laughed at, embarrassed and humiliated by 6th District Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Roanoke and his effort to undermine ethics enforcement in the House, now we have to contend with 9th District Rep. Morgan Griffith of Salem and his absurdities.

According to the Huffington Post today, Griffith, "a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, championed the arcane provision, called the Holman Rule for the Indiana congressman who created it in 1876, as a tool to allow lawmakers to make targeted spending reductions or eliminate positions they deem unnecessary." 

Democrats say "the rule would 'undermine civil service employee protections by stripping away necessary safeguards.' Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) called the measure 'the Armageddon Rule,' and said it’s 'a backdoor way for Republicans to dismantle the federal workforce.'”

The story says the "rule gives Republicans the tools to root out individual federal workers who hold views or perform work that is not favored by the incoming administration." In short, career government workers' jobs will be at the mercy of the current administration, which makes for great partisan politics, lousy government.

Democratic Rep. Gerry Connoley of Virginia says "The Republican Rules package provides them with the surgical tools necessary to reach into the inner workings of the federal government and cut away each part and employee that runs afoul of their ideological agenda. This, coupled with the President-elect’s proposed federal hiring freeze and the nomination of individuals to head agencies they openly oppose, could be devastating to the critical mission of the federal government.”

Griffith, a strong Trump backer and member of the radical right portion of the GOP (if that isn't redundant) has a long history of anti-government stances. 

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