Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Goodlatte's Negative Effect on Local Government

A story in the local daily newspaper this morning tells us that Roanoke is facing a budget shortfall for 2017 that is partly due to internet sales, which are not taxed and which compete with local businesses.

That is, of course, not new, nor is Congress' attempt to deal with it by taxing internet purchases with a "Marketplace Fairness Act." According to the story (here), "The law was ... approved by the Senate four years ago, but stalled in the House Judiciary Committee chaired by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Roanoke County. The bill was an attempt to enforce remittance of state sales taxes by online retailers by requiring them to pay taxes to the states where purchasers live." Uncollected U.S. internet revenue has been estimated at $30 billion.

Goodlatte, of course, is the architect of the embarrassing attempt yesterday to make Republicans in the House exempt from ethics (and even legal) violations.

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