Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Final Word for Sarabeth?

Toneshia Watkins and I chatting outside WDBJ7 earlier today.
Last words for Sarabeth.
Often we have regret that we didn't get to say an appropriate "goodbye" to a loved one who has died. This lunch hour, I did a TV interview with a young TV reporter named Toneshia Watkins of WDBJ7 and as we wrapped it up, she asked, "If you could see Sarabeth again, is there anything final you would say to her?"

I thought for a minute back to Christmas Eve when she saw me to her door of her home and I said to her, "I love you, sweetie." I don't think I'd change that. It was all I needed to say.

"Goodbye" has a finality I don't feel with Sarabeth. I believe I will see her again and I know she is still influencing just about all I do right now.

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  1. Wow, just wow. I have tears in my eyes right now after reading this. The best thing you could have said you said to her. You did right, Dan Smith. This had affected me more than anything else in 2016 (even with the election ��) and I can't get Sarabeth out of my mind. So glad you got to say what you wanted to say to her when you left her for the last time in this world. Prayers for you and all of her family and friends.