Friday, January 6, 2017

A Celebration of Sarabeth Taking Shape

Aimee Simmons of the Penball Museum at Center in the Square.
(This event has been postponed indefinitely because of logistal challenges. We'll keep you posted if and when it is re-scheduled.)

 Aimee Simmons, who directs the Pinball Museum at Center in the Square, and I met today on the 6th floor to talk about A Celebration for Sarabeth and came to the same conclusion: This is going to be one dandy sendoff for a memorable young woman.

Sarabeth, of course, died last week in an automobile not very long after turning 17. The grief has been strong and widespread throughout this region and it will be on display Jan. 14 at Sarabeth's funeral. Our Celebration, though, has a completely different intent. We are going to look at how Sarabeth influenced us, how she encouraged us and gave us more grit than we had simply by watching her.

We want to show our deep appreciation that we knew her, that she was part of our lives, and so we're going to party for Sarabeth.

The celebration is scheduled at noon, Jan. 21 on the 6th floor (roof) of Center in the Square. The room is being donated for an hour by Center Director Jim Sears, a good friend of Sarabeth's family. Aimee and I--and a few others like Isabella Jesse--are putting our heads together to find what is appropriate and what would delight Sarabeth (many of us think she'll be there).

Aimee will arrange for those attending the celebration free admission at the pinball museum following the festivities, a marvelously generous gesture.

Be there. It'll be a grand and fun day.

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