Friday, December 2, 2016

Wasena Bridge Repair To Be Corrected

Wasena Bridge after repair recently.
A few days ago, I posted a piece about the patching job Roanoke City workers did on the Wasena Bridge, complaining that it was not only shabby looking, but appeared to be less than what is necessary to fix a bad break.

City Manager Chris Morrill saw the post, got his people into action and sent following message:


Here is background on the project from our public works team. If you see other issues in the future please feel free to contact me directly and I'll be happy to get you a response. You may want the background information before you post on your blog.

The photograph of the pavement restoration project on Wiley Drive does not represent the completed project. There was deterioration in the pavement due primarily to erosion at the river bank. Public Works staff considered extending the structural wall of the low water bridge at the bridge abutment and then reestablish the road with compacted gravel and paving. It was determined that the excavation required with this option would have been more complicated and costly than needed.

Staff determined that the best option was to add additional stone to create an elevated area so that concrete could be poured into it. The intent is to "armor" the slope to prevent erosion of the bank, which in turn should mitigate erosion of the road surface. All of the debris and vegetation was cleaned out of the pour area. 

There was an area of concrete that did get pulled beyond the main structure during finishing. This explains the exposed vegetation through the concrete surface in the photograph. This will be cleaned up and rip rap (stones) will be placed over the concrete in the sloped area.

Chris Morrill
Roanoke City Manager

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