Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trump's Help: Worse Than Even Imagined?

My pal Fred Sachs posted the following evaluation of the proposed Trump cabinet/advisors and if you weren't upset as these were announced individually and held to the thought that he'd "surround himself with capable people," you're going to have to reconsider.

We can take one consolation from this: Sarah Palin is not in it. That's a pretty low bar.

Here's Fred's post:

This from a college buddy, John Lawrence, former chief of staff for Nancy Pelosi:

"Trump’s appointments leave little doubt about his contempt for the very offices to which they are being proposed:

  • an Ambassador to the United Nations with no experience in foreign affairs or national security;
  • a Labor Secretary from the notoriously anti-union, low-paying fast food industry (his own company had a 60% labor violations rate) who opposes the most basic legal protections for employees and unions;
  • an Education Secretary with strong ties to religious education who embraces diverting taxpayer money to non-public schools with dubious records of academic achievement;
  • a Commerce Secretary whose background at Rothschild’s included representing Trump’s failed Taj Mahal casino and buying up bankrupt companies to flip them for a quick profit;
  • a Treasury Secretary from Goldman Sachs with a long history as a hedge fund manager, and for good measure, selection of the president of Goldman Sachs to run the National Economic Council;
  • an Attorney General once rejected for a federal judgeship because of his record on civil rights and who, as a senator, opposed passage of a domestic violence law because it extended protections to LGBT Americans;
  • a Housing Secretary with no experience on housing affordability or availability who admitted his unsuitability for running a federal department;
  • an EPA Administrator who rejects the scientific consensus on climate change and has a long history of suing the agency he would lead;
  • an Energy Secretary who is an unequivocal apologist for the oil and gas industry to head a department he once promised to eliminate (of course, the nominee, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, also famously forgot that he wanted to eliminate the Energy Department, but then again, he also once named Juarez, Mexico, as the most dangerous city in the United States.)."

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