Sunday, December 18, 2016

'They're Comin' To Git My Guns!' (Not)

John Garland: Pinko-Commie.
My old friend John Garland, a member of Roanoke City Council, has become a mental health fringe target and he's only been in office for a few meetings. John is one of the council members who favors keeping guns out of meetings. Therefore, according to some, he is anti-Second Amendment, anti-American and a tutu-wearing panty-waist who's out to put you in a gulag.

There are huge signs spotting the Roanoke Valley saying so.  Must be true.

One of John's buddies has come to his rescue on Facebook. This guy, a biker who calls himself "a hater of lawns and lawn care," and goes by the name of Heyhey Lee, wrote the following explanation. I find it prescient and spot-on (and I didn't edit it):

Purely my opinion as a working class dude with eyes and ears on the ground ... seems to me 1) the 2nd amendment obsessives are literally begging for a fight. there is a deep oppositional groupthink going on within this subgroup, and they are always seeking someone to scapegoat. 2) NRA has long eatablished as a prime principle, "slippery slope" logic. Any...ANY discussion of limits is unacceptable because it will lead to more culling of rights until the cops are confiscating guns....any movement, is sold as leading to a gunless , Police State. 3) you supported a gun free City Counsel meeting experience...4) Labels applied.

Its frustrating that my friends and co-workers are so obsessed with this trite issue...when we have real work to do...and no one is taking my, or their weapons...or even discussing it.

Fear ... Political Party Obsessions ....kicking the ass of people trying to actually get good stuff done.

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