Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Resolution Record for 2016: 4-5-1 (So Fire Me)

Coffee in hand, working on my list.
Each year at this time--for the past four or so years, anyway--I've done a review of the goals (resolutions?) I set out the previous Jan. 1. I've had a good string of success in the past (10-0 in 2015, for example), but accomplishing the 2016 goals has been a mixed bag with a good bit of "coming up short" involved.

Next week, I'll set out the standards again and some of the following will likely be among the goals, since I failed this past year to achieve them. Here is last year's list and my success/failure:
  • Drop to a size 34 pants. I'm at 38, just about where I started the year. A friend encouraged me that "dropping pants sizes at your age is about as likely as getting married--at your age." Thanks. I needed that.
  • Read more books. The year began with promise: three books in the first two months. Then the books stopped. As I told my friend Roland Lazenby (who has written five dozen books), "TV is so damn good that reading seems less important. The shows I'm watching are better than the books I was reading." He calls it "the golden age of television." I think I agree.
  • Finish writing the book I’m working on (by the end of March) and pick up on revising my memoir, Burning the Furniture. I accomplished (with ease) the first part of the goal, didn't even begin the second half. I keep telling myself, "I got busy," but I was busy when I finished the memoir initially. I mean, I had a full-time job then. No excuse.
  • Put some time into my next fiction project. Fail. Absolutely no effort, even though I already have 250 pages written on one novel.
  • Exercise more than I have. I kept up the pace, but didn't intensify it. Frankly, I do pretty well here.
  • Strongly consider selling my house and moving to a neighborhood that I like better. Nope. No movement at all. When I looked closely at the potential (I asked my favorite agent, Rob Clark, to examine it for me), it was daunting. My house, even with improvements, is worth less than I paid for it (but it is paid for, thank god).
  • Be the best friend I can be and continue to treat Margie as the special person she is. Did well with this one.
  • Listen more; talk less. Donald Trump made this difficult, but I did as well as I expected, though not as well as I hoped.
  • Enjoy each day, each hour, each person, each situation for what they are. Unqualified success, I think.
  • Contribute in ways that are meaningful and positive to all the elements that are important to me. A goal like this invited failure to a degree, but I'm happy with my record, even though it's uneven. These are hard times to be the best person we can be.
The record: Succeed 4; fail, 5; wash out 1. ( There were two ties, half a point each for success and failure, which led to the "washout." If I were a college football coach, I'd be fired.)

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