Friday, December 9, 2016

The Bond Girls: A (Tearful) Retrospective

Ursula Andress: An early icon, now a little old lady.
It is occasionally difficult to re-visit our youth and see how our icons, our crushes, our heroes have aged. In the case of the "Bond Girls," the ones from my teens and 20s are now in their 70s and don't look quite as fetching as they did to a horny 17-year-old in the 1960s.

I don't normally bite on those internet lists that help feed the desire for "hits" on websites, but this one, featuring those lovely and now aged Bond Girls, is fascinating. It brings back a lot of memories, not all rated G, or even PG.

Eunice Grayson, Bond Girl No. 1
The 40-hit list has names like Eunice Grayson (the very first in 1962), Ursula Andress (the most gorgeous in her youth), Shirley Eaton (all-gold in "Goldfinger"), Grace Jones (hotter than a Texas sidewalk in August), Claudine Auger (couldn't resist a young French gal), Diana Rigg (later, the "Avengers"), Honor Blackman ("Pussy Galore;" need I say more?), Lana Wood (Natalie's big-chested sister), Jane Seymour (still scrumptious), and Jill St. John (Henry Kissinger's girlfriend).

They carry memories like wood for the fire, but they also remind me--strikingly in some instances--of mortality, the ravages of age, the sweetness and brevity of youth.

Shirley Eaton of "Goldfinger."
Diana Rigg: Mrs. Peale of "The Avengers" later.

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