Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sarabeth's Missing; Please Help Find Her

Sarabeth Rose Hammond, the 17-year-old who so captured my heart with her courage, grit and good humor, is missing and we're all frantic.

She dropped a friend at home on Brambleton Ave. in Roanoke last night at 6:30 and has not been heard from since. The police are involved and social media has been employed to a large extent in the search. If any of you has any idea about this, please let us know as soon as possible.

Sarabeth was in from New York where she has
been staying with her grand parents for a while, visiting for Christmas. I saw her Christmas Eve and she was in good humor--as she always seems to be--and her chronic Lyme Disease was not affecting her. It has been arrested for several months and basically, she had her life back. Lyme is a debilitating affliction.

Sarabeth is 5'2" tall, 115 pounds, blonde (recently), hazel eyes, fair complexion and very pretty. She is bubbly, smiles a lot and talks almost without end.

Double click on any of these photos for a larger view. 

I don't know what to say about this further, except that we really need your help.


  1. I retweeted the alert to my timeline. I hope Sarabeth is found safe, and soon.

  2. Prayers my friend for a safe return

  3. Please Lord bring her home safe!

  4. I pray she is ok an God brings her home safe an in good health Amen.I will share so it's out here more!

  5. Shared on my Facebook. Hoping for her safe return! ❤️