Monday, December 26, 2016

Oops, We Forgot the Turkey

Margie, Meghann and Allison at dinner--minus turkey.
Oh, it could happen to anybody. It was a simple case of misunderstanding, not so much a brain burp. When the turkey wrapping said "fully cooked turkey," the assumption was that we could nuke it for a few minutes or maybe put it in the oven for 30-45 minutes and serve it.

Margie at the stove.
But nooooooooo. This baby wants a couple of hours in the oven and so when Margie went to get it ready, there wasn't enough time before scheduled dinner. So, we went vegetarian. And a lovely meal it was: green beans and cranberries, fruit/veggie salad, deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, cole slaw, cheese pie, banana nut bread and a few other things that escape me.

Margie's daughter Meghann, an actress in New York, and her partner Allison, a dancer, were in for the holiday and it was a brief, but lovely evening. They're staying at Margie's estate in Christiansburg.

I'd spent the day hiking on the Appalachian trail and was dang near worn out, but I thoroughly enjoyed all three of them.

Meg and Allison share a moment.

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