Sunday, December 18, 2016

Don't Screw My View with Your Pipeline

That's me soaking up the wondrous view on McAfee's Knob near Roanoke. Will that view be ruined?
I have not commented on the proposed Mountain-Valley Pipeline that would cut a huge swath through some of the most beautiful forests in the world--right here where I live in Western Virginia--because it is a complex issue that pits aesthetics vs. energy needs.

My instinct has always been with the protesters, the people who don't want the pipeline. That is pretty well solidified now, even though I still don't have--nor do I need--all the technical info.

This piece today nailed it down for me. In simple terms that I can easily understand, I'm told that some of the most sacred views from the Appalachian Trail (where I hope to spend Christmas day in my annual Yule hike) will be scarred with the swath of clear-cutting, under which the pipeline will rest. That is not acceptable.

The story says "construction would involve clearing a 125-foot-wide section that would cross 3.4 miles of forest protected under the Forest Service’s 'roadless rule'―litigation meant to protect lands from road construction and logging."

If there were no alternative to this pipeline, I might think about opposing it a while longer (though I seriously doubt I'd favor it), but there are alternatives. They will cost more, but our forests should not be for sale.

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