Friday, December 2, 2016

Dickens of a Time on City Market

19th Century carolers in the Market candy store earlier this evening.
My buddy, Frosty, and me.
The Dickens of a Christmas, Roanoke's downtown holiday celebration, kicked off tonight with the annual tree lighting, albeit with a small hitch.

When the lever was pulled to light the huge tree, nothing happened. Embarrassed officials called in the cavalry and the problem was fixed post-haste, not without a smidge of embarrassment.

Margie and I went downtown this evening for Mill Mountain Theatre's fine production of "White Christmas," getting there a good bit early in anticipation of the Roanoke Christmas Parade, which we discovered isn't until next week.

Dickens of a Christmas actors.
Still, there was plenty to do, if only to stop in the wondrous candy shop, listen to some 19th Century carolers and buy a few stocking stuffers (buy locally, we're urged).

I bought a good cup of coffee in the City Market building and upon exiting, discovered that there was a booth offering free coffee--and probably better coffee, since it was Quality Coffee, Roanoke's own brand. I also found my old buddy Frosty the Snowman outside, looking a little like three-day-old New York snow, rather than fresh Virginia snow. Might want to wash that costume, boys and girls.

In any case, it was a fun evening.

Margie watching tree lighting from upstairs at Market Building.

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