Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Congratulations to My Margie!

Margie and colleague Kim Elliott, who was also honored.
The photo is the only part of this story that is less than laudatory, but it's the best I have. Here stand Margie and her colleague Kim Elliott shortly after they were awarded their certificates celebrating a "generous spirit [in their] efforts to improve the quality of care for patients and residents" at Warm Hearth Village in Blacksburg.

I don't know Kim (I think I've met her), but I do know Margie and I will attest that Sodexo, which operates basic services at Warm Hearth, needs nurses like these two to succeed in helping care for an army of old people.

Margie is warm, generous, caring, fun, talkative and genuinely concerned about every one of her residents, even the ones who cause the most difficulty. Maybe especially those. She defends them and understands them, where somebody like me would probably either get away from them or leave the job. Old people in 24-hour care can suck the very life out of their caretakers, but they don't do that to Margie.

She occasionally comes home crying or upset, but not because of something some mean old lady has said to her, but because that mean old lady died and Margie's heart is broken. She celebrates these people, tells their glorious stories and keeps them alive and as vibrant as possible for as long as she can.

And so I say, "Congratulations, dear, dear woman. You deserve every minute of your spotlight. I love you and am proud of you for this and so much more."

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