Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve with a Few of My Favorite Things (Uh, People)

Christmas with Sarabeth and Caroline Hammond. Yaaaaay!
Got to spend the early part of this Christmas Eve with the Hammond family, including my faux grandgirl, Sarabeth--one of my favorite kids on the planet. Sarabeth (or SaraBelle, as I prefer) recently moved to NewYork as part of her growing up process.

Pampa and my favorite teenager.
At 17 and living with her grands, SaraBelle has taken over her education and has an impressive list of courses she's taking. She's a smart, courageous and good young woman, as anybody who reads here regularly knows, so I won't get into a lot of detail, except to say that she's doing well and I'm proud of her. She's had more on her plate than most do at her age.

I will end the year by saying I admire Sarabelle's mom, Caroline, as well. She's a woman who knows how to stand back and allow growth to take place, the kind of parent I admire and the kind who raises good children.

Caroline and John, looking happy.
Tonight Caroline was with her whole brood--Sarabelle, Pierce and Sophie--and the family was smiling, laughing and enjoying the season. Sophie is in the waning stages of massage school and she's thrilled about it. We were also joined by Caroline's fella, John, and Caroline's employee and his wonderful 5-year-old daughter Rebecca.

Being around family is important to me at Christmas, but with my own spread all over the place, I'm having to adjust to extended families--whom I love as much as I would if we were related. Tonight it was the Hammonds. In the morning, my friend Susan and I are hiking and tomorrow evening I'll spend with Margie and her daughter Meghann (and Meg's partner, Allison).

Christmas is warm this year. As it generally is.

Rebecca, Pierce and Sarabelle.
The lovely smiles of the Hammond family at Christmas, 2016.

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