Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Dinner with My Best Pal

Christine and me at dinner tonight.
I try to have a Christmas dinner--whether or not on Dec. 25--every year with my best friend, Christine Ward, and tonight was the night. We slipped in to the Olive Garden and pigged out on salad and soup, reminiscing and appreciating each other.

Christine and I came into each other's lives 17 years ago at a time when we needed each other, though we didn't necessarily know it. She needed a safe place to live and I had a house that was too big for me, so she moved into the spare bedroom and we shared lives for an important while. When I got married, I tried to talk my new wife into keeping Christine in her room, but that was not a big hit. That wife and I divorced some years later (and remain good friends).

Even though we've never been romantically involved, we've often talked about getting married because neither of us knew two married people who appreciated each other as much as we did.

That continues, though the marriage idea is mostly a joke--one started by other people. I will mention, though, that Christine and Margie--my romantic sweetie--enjoy and appreciate each other.

Christine and I talked for a good while about important things, not-so-important things and we exchanged gifts and thoughts. A lovely evening it was. One with my younger sister.

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