Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Note of Hope from My Friend, Fran

Fran and her sweet daughter, Carol.
Late last evening, after a wearying few weeks of political bickering, I took to Facebook to say that I was taking time off, basically to save what little sanity I have left.

The constant political disagreement and the realization of where we are as a nation has drained me and left me with little hope and even less energy. That is a good place for friends to chime in and my long-time and dear friend Fran Ferguson came to the rescue with the following reminder. I love Fran Ferguson. Thank you, dear one.

"Dan, to have change means we have to make change. You are one of the change makers, which is a daunting, wearisome job. Take Christmas as a time of self-care, because we need you. 

"Also take Christmas as a good time to remember that the arc of history always bends toward the good. Since the first Christmas over 2000 years ago, sometimes Christmas has come in a time of peace and prosperity, sometimes in war, famine. disease. and sometimes in truly Dark Ages. With all those ups and downs, the overall path has been of progress. 

"2000 years ago, slavery was a mainstream part of every culture. Not so anymore--one example of many. People of faith know that this trend will ultimately prevail. 

"I agree that it looks like we are headed into a dark, dark time, but as a faithful person I know that Trump is not in charge, and that the world will ultimately become kinder, more loving, and more just. Hopefully in my lifetime, but either way, the promise is there and can be relied upon. 

"It is my responsibility to continue to do my earthly part to bring a better world about by resisting the foothold hate and greed and the denial of truth have in our country right now by shining all the light I can. 

"Take care of yourself, and step back up when you are ready. Until then and always, enjoy your grands, your friends, the natural world. Those are the gifts to cherish this season!"

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