Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Hike About Not Getting to the Top

Taking a break to study the landscape.
A new road for bad weather.
All too often in my haste to get where I'm going, I neglect to absorb the land along the way. Not so much yesterday when I climbed Tinker Mountain with the express goal of not getting to the top and the spectacular view of Carvin's Cove.

This time it was about going there, not getting there. And, o' the wonders along the way, the simple beauty, the easily ignored light and color. "Slow down," Dad used to say. "Take it all in."

Here's some of what I took in.

The colors are subtle and soft in the deep woods.
Even the directions are attractive, in their way.
The long shadows of December.
The trail glistened with a recent heavy rain.
I enjoyed these aging pine sentinels.
A broken trunk is its own statement.
Light and shadow, shadow and light.

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