Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Grand Old Time on City Market

The bell ringers held our attention for a good spell. They were quite good.
Loved these gals.
Last night in downtown there was an adventure waiting to be had and it wasn't just the poor underwhelming nut jobbies desperate for attention at the Christmas parade (see previous post). There was simply so much going on that it was difficult to absorb it all and some of it was missed because it wasn't loud, flashy or right out there in the middle.

The best example is a group of Roanoke Valley bell ringers who were on the mezzanine at the City Market Building following the parade. Lovely, lovely sounds from a group of women who've been together for eight years and sound like they do this for a living (they don't). My friend Susan and I sat back on a sofa, sipped our coffee and let the sound wash over us. It was bliss.

Here's what some of it--including the parade without the crazies--looked like. 

That's my pal, Robyn Schon, on the left with Railyard Dawgs.
Gotta go see the Roanoke Roller Girls very soon.
How can you not love the Kazim Klowns?
Elvis lives!
Susan with her favorite (Leggos) tree (and my fave hat) at the Hotel Roanoke.
Leggos present by the Leggo fire.
Ronald who?
Some of the Hotel's trees. The crowd got big quick.
Alice's flamingo on my favorite tree.

The Mad Hatter drank here.
Me and ...
... my buddies (comparing belly sizes).
Susan gets warm by the tree.
This is the boy the kids were waiting for.
Chilly family shares the warmth.
Floating away.
Watching from Davidson's window.
Busy in the Market Building.

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