Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wishing Trump and His Supporters Well

OK, liberals, now we must demonstrate our grace, our humanity and our good will in the midst of the most devastating political result--across the board--in our personal histories. Bush in the White House was our nightmare. We have reached even lower in our despair with last night's election results.

But I will wish Mr. Trump well and I will pray that he is good.  I will ask god that she guide Mr. Trump and those around him to build a better America, to forget the man he was during the campaign and be a president with compassion, understanding, wisdom, intelligence and a deep desire to learn what is right.

Trump is brighter than Bush and is far more savvy in many ways, though he has not shown himself to be a good man. It is up to him to demonstrate that he can use his strengths to make America a better place, not one that makes life miserable for large portions of its people--citizens and non-citizens. It is up to him and his advisors to feel for the poor, the aged and the ill, to protect the rights of those who are different from the older, white, middle class and blue collar people who voted for him. His administration, we hope, will restore the middle class and workers' rights in order to sdtrengthen our economy. Those at the top will be fine, regardless.

It is especially crucial that he understand the absolute power he has and that he not be a vengeful child when yielding nuclear weapons. I fear for the entire world in that instance.

Finally, I want those of us in opposition to Mr. Trump's stated stances, to continue to fight, to mend fences with our friends and family who supported him, and to try to create an America that is far better than Donald Trump.


  1. Dan, I appreciate your comments and we have to hope for the best.
    He might play a little nicer now, but, as you well know, this is what is at stake because of a Republican congress & president:
    Roll back progress on fighting climate change.
    Eliminate "Obamacare"
    Eliminate the Iran deal.
    Ultra conservative supreme court judges.
    Reverse Roe v Wade.
    Further restrict unions.
    Defund Planned Parenthood.
    Massive tax breaks for rich.
    More money in politics.
    Stock market uncertainty
    Global alliances uncertainty
    Emboldened Russia & China
    Uncertain military action, but more costs.
    The Republicans did not roll over when Obama won. They did not change their positions. They just changed their messages. AND IT WORKED.
    We have no choice but to accept the election, but we do not have to capitulate. We need to get ready for the next elections in 2 & 4 years like the Republicans did. Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride!

  2. I would like to add to that list:
    Remove clean air and water regulations (welcome to Flint!)
    Remove protections for animals in puppy mills and factory farms
    Enact more ag-gag type legislation that punishes whistle blowers instead of criminals
    Rewrite policies on wildlife and federal land
    Fracking, pipelines, oil spills
    Punishment/limited access to journalists who are out of favor
    Nuclear threats
    Privatize anything that can possibly be privatized
    Eliminate the EPA