Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Media Has Become Its Own Worst Enemy

Trump: The media be damned!
"What struck me most as I spoke with readers is how much, to a person, they had something to say that was smart and reasonable ... they had reactions that were well worth hearing. I found myself wishing someone from the newsroom was on the line with me, especially to hear how many of the more liberal voters wanted more balanced coverage. Not an echo chamber of liberal intellectualism, but an honest reflection of reality."--Liz Spayd, NYTimes Public Editor (here)

I get it that The Times is really trying to humble itself, to reach for an apology, to explain, but when you begin a thought with the condescending and patronizing admission that "to a person" those complaining about coverage of the presidential election "had something to say that was smart and reasonable," you have offended your audience.

Lordy, that brings back my newspaper days memories of insufferable arrogance, of the thought that only newspaper people could possibly understand anything. It was a defensive posture, one, I suspect that shielded us against the pain of being wrong. We thought we were always right, or nearly so, but we listened to the voices of the people as if they were children and we were patient parents. There, there little boys and girls ...

Yesterday a planned meeting between Trump and Times representatives was cancelled (by Trump) because he wasn't allowed to change the rules of the meeting. Trump blamed The Times for not doing what he wanted.

The insufferable arrogance of the major American press (TV this time) was on display yesterday in a White House comedy only the Trump Administration could possibly have manufactured. The Great Man Hisself summoned the pearly-toned mouthpieces of the major networks in order to tell them they suck, and he did. There was no diplomacy here, no effort at reaching any kind of understanding, no hearing of explanations or reasons. Just a blunt-instrument attack from a bully against an institution that has become so thoroughly infected with corruption that it may well be un-salvageable.

The Times has represented the very top of the journalistic mountain for so many years that people assume a lot about it that isn't always true ... things like motive. We expect The Times to be pure as the driven snow, but it is closer to the purity of the driven snow piled on a New York City street. It suffers the same influences as Fox, CBS, The Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC and the entire host of other "mainstream" outlets, all of which are publicly owned by corporations, easily influenced by money.

Trump's dog and pony show Monday was an abject demonstration that he is in charge, that he will accept no dissent, no criticism, no question of his decisions. He will run the government--in as close as he can get to an authoritarian manner--and he will book no objection. He will do bad things to the media if he doesn't get his way.

That is exactly how I expect this silly little man to operate for the next four years. It is what we have come to expect and though some will say that his forthrightness about what he expects is "just honest," I suggest that it is treasonous. This is a man who plans to sell the presidency and our country to the highest bidder in order to personally profit. We've had some crooks in the White House upon occasion, but nothing like this. Not even close to this.

We should all be terrified. And we should demand a press that is tough as nails, that is fair, that doesn't back down from a fight and that is, by god, honest.

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  1. Suck it up and realize that the people have spoken and your opinion is of the minority. The majority of people have had to put up with the left agenda for so long, we finally pulled together and protested with our vote. The left thinks that by protesting and rioting, their message means more than the polite conservative.

  2. Actually, Anonymous (I hate it when people don't have enough self-respect to sign their opinions), I am not in the minority. Hillary Clinton won two million more votes than Trump. Nobody won a majority individually, but Clinton and the two write-ins had the majority of votes, by a considerable margin. For the second time in 16 years, the Republican candidate won the election without winning more votes than the Democrat. People of my philosophy will continue to protest as long as Trump acts like an ass, much as the "polite conservatives" did with Obama, only we will be a little kinder and a lot less racist. We will argue strictly about issues and Mr. Trump's mental illness.