Monday, November 7, 2016

Roaring Run: The Magnificence of Fall

This was Roaring Run Falls late last week.
That's me climbing the steps.
My friend Susan and I played hooky late last week and ran up to Roaring Run in Botetourt County for a short hike, picnic and photo shoot. Susan is a wonderful photographer and herewith are some of her photos of one of the icons of this region.

Roaring Run is the site of an old iron smelting and charcoal furnace, one of many sprinkled through the region in the late 18th and through the 19th centuries. The old furnace still stands and about a mile away is the beautiful waterfall that furnishes the roaring creek through the area. It is a brief and easy hike, but it is simply full of photo opportunities, especially in the fall. Great place to take the children, even the little ones.
Here's how it roars.
Picturesque bridges crisscross the creek.

Fall at Roaring Run.
a mini-waterfall at Roaring Run.
Susan was fascinated with the sliding rock.
That's me doing peek-a-boo.
The beauty is in the detail.
The meandering creek.
That's me shooting the falls (without a boat).
Breathtaking, luminous colors of fall.
More detail. More fall.
That's me on top of Roaring Run Falls. (No, I'm not walking on water.)
Here's your photographer, looking as lovely as the fall.
And here's the photographer (and me) celebrating with a little rock dance.

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