Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pulling the Lever for American Goodness

Will the Mill Mountain Star run blood red on Tuesday?
By Wednesday let us hope, as the New York Times does, that "the electorate will have demonstrated its decency." That, of course, would mean the summary dismissal of Donald Trump and all he stands for: "torture, reckless war, unchecked greed, hatred of women, immigrants, refugees, people of color, people with disabilities. A sexual predator, a business fraud, a liar who runs on a promise to destroy millions of immigrant families and to jail his political opponent."

We've had some doozies in the oval office during my lifetime, people I abhor on every level for their distortion of our values: George Bush II, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, JFK, Lyndon Johnson. But for his job of holding the savages at bay for eight years, Bill Clinton would make that list, as well. There aren't many who've won that job who get my approval as decent Americans, but none is in a league with Trump for sheer failure as a human being. I don't truck well with Hillary Clinton, but by comparison, she is a saint and I voted for her with some degree of trepidation that her party could not do better for America (Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, among more than two dozen highly qualified people, come to mind). A Trump presidency, however, is unthinkable. I would as soon consider Vladimir Putin.

I have always believed Americans to be good and decent people who, as a nation, root for the underdog, have deep sympathy for the poor, the ill, the old and the downtrodden, people who live and let live.

Trump is proving the fallacy of that--at least in 40 percent of our adults. They will vote for him because they believe at least some of what he says and none of what the opposition says. It may be abortion they oppose, or taxes, people of color, immigrants, business regulations, real equality for women. It may be war that they're promoting (both at home and abroad) for reasons I simply can't understand.

But their explanations mostly have to do with self and not the sacrifice that the face of their religion--Jesus--requires of those professing Christianity, the religion of nearly all the Trumpsters. People claiming the mantle of Christ while depressing the votes of the least powerful Americans, while cheating, lying, threatening violence if they don't get their way, are not the Americans I have respected despite the political climate for lo these many years.

They are a living threat to our way of life, our basic principals, our morals and the goodness Americans have been known for since 1776. Let us not destroy that with a single pull of the voting box lever.

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