Sunday, November 20, 2016

Plenty of Action--and Seats--at Tech Hockey Game

Margie and Susan in their choice seats.
The three of us, squeezed in tight.
Susan, Margie and I took in a Virginia Tech-University of Virginia hockey game Saturday afternoon and I was met with a few surprises.

First, the hockey was pretty good: fast, youthful, energetic and entertaining. Two fights and either two or three expulsions for those keeping that particular score. Second, we were almost alone in the cavernous, 10,000-seat coliseum (maybe 200 in attendance). Third, a bottle of water costs $5, a pretzel $4 and a beer (which I don't drink and never would have at this price), is $9.

Tech plays a bunch of home games and the price is right: $5 for admission and free parking. But, for heaven's sake, sneak in your own food and drink. You can go broke quickly at those prices.
The post-game handshake ... after two fights saw two or three players ejected from the game.

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