Monday, November 14, 2016

Pampa, Can You Put Me in a Book?

This picture is in the book, as I recall.
My grandgirl, Madeline, called the other day and asked right off the top, "Pampa, can you write a book and put me in it?"

Seems one of her new buddies in Memphis--her family just moved there--has a relative who writes and who mentioned her in book. Maddie simply wanted equality in this.

"You're in a book, Maddie," I said.


"Yes. The book is almost as old as you are and I'm updating it right now. It's called Burning the Furniture and I wrote it when you were a baby. It is a memoir, which is a biography only from my perspective and without all the requirements for complete historical accuracy you find in a history or biography.

"There's a picture in it of me holding you. I didn't write a lot about you then because there wasn't much to write--babies are about as interesting as slugs--but you know how much I've written in my blog about you in the past 10 years. And that's equal in length to a book. When I update Burning the Furniture, there will be a good bit about you in it. Does any of that count in what you're asking?"

"Oh, yeh, great. I'll see if Mom has a copy of your book." I could hear her smiling. And I wondered just how easy she believes it to be to write a book.

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