Monday, November 14, 2016

How To Lose My Business

I have been putting together family photo books with Shutterfly for several years and although I always found its site to be clunky, often unresponsive and often difficult to figure out (I always do my own layouts, but finding the "custom" button is always a challenge).

The product is quite good though, so until today I have always just put up with the inconvenience and even the sometimes shady marketing (the discounts are rarely what I expect them to be and the retail price is absurd compared to other publishers in the same field).

I will also add that customers service, whom I've had to call with nearly every one of the more than two dozen books I've done, has always been polite, efficient and fair. Today, that ended.

This is the photo on the cover of the book in question.
I put together a small photo book of some of my recent work--Christmas gifts--and had a $10 off coupon that Shutterfly sent me with its most recent catalogue. The coupon says succinctly on the front "Can be combined with site offers," meaning the 50 percent discount that is in effect is also valid.

But customer service told me that wasn't true. I asked for a supervisor. She said it wasn't true. I argued that the coupon said it was. They both acted as if I were lying.

So now, I feel like Shutterfly's reps lied to me and cheated me. It is not about $10. It is about the principal and, as I mentioned pretty strongly, hell will freeze before Shutterfly gets another book or calendar or card order from me.

It has traded hundreds of dollars in future business (maybe more than that) for $10 now. I hope the execs don't spend it all in one place.

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