Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, with a Remembrance

This ticket is from a long-ago (early 1930s; the last number is obscured) Virginia Tech vs. VMI football game at Roanoke's Maher Field, a game in which my dad played. Andrew Pitzer sent it to me (thanks, Andrew).

The game was played at Maher--which houses baseball fields today--for many years before it moved to the brand new Victory Stadium next door in 1942 (my former mother-in-law was a cheerleader for Jefferson High in the opening game at the stadium).

Maher became a Roanoke Red Sox baseball stadium 1943-1954 and I actually have a baseball program for a game on Aug. 8, 1946, a little over a week after I was born.

My dad, George Smith, was a good player at Tech (that's him, bottom right) and told a few (very few, because he didn't talk a lot) very good stories about those days. The ticket means a lot to me.

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