Sunday, November 20, 2016

Do We Imagine Mr. Trump To Be a Smidge Touchy?

OK, Lucy, 'splain me this: 

Donald Trump paid $25 million in a legal settlement over Trump University cheating its students out of a lot of money because, he says, he didn't have time to pursue the case. Something about having to do his new day job. 

However, he has time to tap out a tweet about the members of a Broadway play reading a statement to Mr. Trump's President of Vice Mr. Pence, asking that all people be treated equally.

I'm wondering what the president-elect's priorities are and whether his skin is so thin that we can actually see through it. I'm also wondering how what the cast members read could possibly be considered a criticism--and not a simple request for respect--except by somebody who is so deeply paranoid that he should maybe visit a shrink during the coming week.


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