Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Vote for GOP Bullying Is a Vote Against USA

"Republicans are no longer seeking any substantive ends in the interim — just the power to obstruct and the power to manufacture scandal."--Heather Digby Parton, Salon (here)

The 2016 election cycle--at every level--has come down to this. It is about power and obstruction, about the GOP gumming up the works if it doesn't win the election, about party over country. It is a shameful fact that is made more obvious every day in the Republican representatives' words and actions. Donald Trump is simply the point of the sword, aimed at the jugular of Democracy. His accomplices  have been presented seats in the House and Senate and in various state houses and general assemblies.

If they can't win a fair decision, they will cheat, they will whine, they will discard the rules and set out new ones, they will subvert the republic for their own ends. They hate Hillary Clinton; they hate Barack Obama; they hated Bill Clinton; they hated Jimmy Carter ... They tried in one way or another to subvert the goals of all of those presidencies and the one that looms. In a democracy, it is the minority party's responsibility to oppose, but it is not that party's responsibility to shut down government, to lie, cheat and steal to that end.

Says Digby: " ... Since Ronald Reagan, Republicans have increasingly seen Democratic presidents as illegitimate. They said Bill Clinton wasn’t “their president” because he won with a plurality, rather than a majority. (Which may well happen this year as well.) The GOP-led Congress spent years trying to drive him from office on trumped up charges. Many in the Republican rank and file believed that Barack Obama was ineligible for the White House because he was a secret Muslim who had lied about being born in America.  Their decades long “voter fraud” myth has created an underlying sense among their voters that our election systems are always tilted against them by Democrats trying to steal elections."

Republicans are promising no new judges if Clinton is elected. That's no new judges on the federal level at all, not just at the level of the Supreme Court. They blocked a huge number of judicial appointments under Clinton and Obama, even as Democrats allowed their appointments under the Bushes. Dems had to change the rules of the Senate in order to get a few appointed under Obama. They'll do that again if Clinton wins and the Democrats re-take the Senate, as expected. That's no way to run a representative government. It is based on disrespect and a raw seeking of power for the party--often at the expense of the public.

Vote your conscience next week, but remember that as flawed as Clinton is, she is qualified to run the country and at the congressional level, Republicans have proved over and over that their Congresses have accomplished absolutely nothing without a Democratic majority. Nothing at all.

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  1. No brainer folks...of the two (2) candidates that the American citizenry CHOSE to run for the Presidency i 2016...we have Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is flawed, as are all candidates who run for public office; who is however BY FAR the better choice over "Republican" Donald Trump who is basically indecent, and is clearly a travesty and detriment to Democracy and all it has ever stood for or will stand for!