Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Shoddy Job of Bridge Patching in Wasena

A few weeks ago, I ran a photo of this eroded patch of Wiley Drive in Roanoke's Smith Park and mentioned that the City of Roanoke would do well to patch it, lest the erosion affect the bridge's integrity.

The city finally reacted with a patch, but the quality of the work is laughable. I worked a summer building rock walls when I was younger and I can tell you that this is not professional work, not  close. The patch area doesn't appear to have been prepared. There is a small bush still growing  in the middle of the patch and in a couple of spots limbs were not picked up and removed; the concrete was simply poured over them.

All that affects the aesthetics of the patch, but it also hints that the integrity is compromised with shoddy work. Whoever supervised this work needs to have a prayer meeting with his supervisor, who should have a come to Jesus meeting with the city manager. This level of work is not acceptable.

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  1. That looks terrible! Especially along our beautiful river greenway. It looks like they had a bunch of concrete left over, and just dumped it there.