Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Pretty Day at the Peaks of Otter

Margie with the Peaks of Otter behind her.
The trees were luminous.
It has been quite a while--maybe four years--since I've been to the Peaks of Otter for lunch and when Margie told me Saturday she'd never been, that sealed the deal. We at there at Sunday lunch today and it was simply glorious.

Singing to us at lunch.
The food at the Peaks Lodge has never been anything to write home about (and it wasn't today), but the setting is simply magic, especially on a cool fall afternoon with the trees a little past color peak and the sun bright.

That brilliant sun made for some difficult photography, but
when it was behind a bank of red or yellow leaves, they became luminescent and simply glorious.

We had the added benefit at lunch of being serenaded by a lovely woman playing her autoharp and singing traditional ballads (and even a Gospel or two) in the restaurant. Simply wondrous voice, she had.

Here's some of what it all looked like.
Cattails along the lake at the Peaks.
A lunchtime view of the lake, Peaks.
The Peaks of Otter on a lovely November afternoon.
Margie matching the Peaks in beauty and in browns.

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